Kitchen & Living Room

Kapinjala has a spacious and contemporary solid maple wood kitchen with granite worktops throughout. This amazing kitchen is fitted with all imaginable appliances including a dishwasher, large cooker, microwave, coffee machine and fridge freezer with ice maker. There is even a dedicated drinks fridge, again with ice maker, to ensure those Caribs are always Tobago-chilled.

The open-plan nature of the villa links the kitchen to the spacious living area with stools at the wooden breakfast bar. Comfortable sofas and chairs intermingled with beautiful solid wood furniture and local ornaments adorn the living room which is cooled by beautiful ceiling fans. When the three large double doors are folded back, this airy living room naturally blends into the fabulous outside space drawing the breathtaking views inside.

Our mini-library provides a selection of reference books and fiction as well as board games for your entertainment, whilst the television offers many satellite channel options. Kapinjala also offers a DVD player and a CD/MP3 sound system, which allows for a USB connection to play and charge your iPod or other MP3 player.

A writing desk, safe, security system and access to the powder room are all to be found within this wonderfully open and spacious living area.

Kapinjala is a large slice of Paradise - Caribbean Style