Guest Testimonials

There is no better recommendation than the comments of guests who have stayed at Kapinjala, so we list a few below. A detailed review of Kapinjala is also available on - the definitive visitor guide to Tobago.

“What could be more idyllic than spending Christmas at Kapinjala – with its wonderful setting and magnificent views. We have been truly spoilt by this luxury – sheer paradise! Thank you for creating such an exceptional villa!”

Angela & Kevin Woodley, UK

“You can look at the photo's on the site but nothing prepares you for when you arrive and see this villa set in its stunning surroundings. We travel extensively and generally have high expectations which were not only surpassed but blown away by our holiday at Kapinjala over Christmas and New Year. We are already planning our return and look forward to lazing in the pool and watching the sun slip under the horizon at the end of another perfect day!”

George Thaw, UK

“We are frequent travellers with quite a lot experience to stay at villas all over the world. Kapinjala gets in our top 10. We all agreed this kind of villas are not for rent usually, as everything was build and furnished to serve the proprietor first. Beautifully located, wonderfully planned, high quality built, well maintained.

Irrespective of marvellous beach 5 min away this was first time for our family spending so much time at the pool instead of going down to the sea shore. There was such a mood at the infinity pool with garden surrounding and all the view around and down to the sea that you find yourself no wish to leave for anything else.

If you are looking for a Caribbean island with no bustle of tourists then Tobago is for you, and if you want even more – get rid of any neighbouring by settling down uphill with a rainforest at your feet, memorable view down to the sea, and the caws of parrots as the only hustle and bustle to disturb your serenity, and at the same time savour all the modern household can offer – then Kapinjala is just the right choice. “

Teovils Stengrevics, Latvia

“Kapinjala is an extremely relaxing hideaway for peace and rejuvenation….Everything I hoped it would be. Everything it states it is.”

Amy-Jo Forsyth, UK

“Brilliant.... Excellent... Fantastic… Superb; words often used in exaggeration. Not however, in the case of Kapinjala. The location, the quality of the villa, its fittings and attention to detail are all of these. Clearly a lot of time, effort and thought have gone into creating a perfect holiday setting, amazingly tranquil, with no immediate neighbours to annoy, or be annoyed by.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Tobago for a relaxing holiday. If you go, you must stay at Kapinjala, anywhere else would be a compromise. We can't wait to return.”

Kevin & Louise Adams, UK

“The first thought I had….was “the internet pictures did not come close in describing Kapinjala”. This place is amazing….thank you very much for sharing this magnificent place with us.

P.S. We didn’t leave as yet and we are already planning our next visit to Kapinjala”

Sharma Family, USA

“The beauty and unique style of the villa is amazing and it is a beautiful setting for a special occasion. Our daughter had intended to get married at the Arnos Vale Waterwheel but they changed plans. We hosted a wedding ceremony on the patio with a beautiful sunset backdrop – a perfect vacation in a perfect home”

Family McKinney-Rice, USA

“Our compliments to the owners on creating this enchanting place. The villa itself is elegant and beautifully appointed and nowhere in the world have we swum in a more beautiful pool. We’ve spent such wonderful lazy days here, lulled by warm winds and beauty – and who needs an alarm clock when you can be woken by a cacophony of chacalacas! What a privilege, thank you. We’ll be back!”

Dennis & Kate Merriweather, UK

“What a wonderful location. The villa is in a unique position to enjoy both the view and the breeze. Very tastefully decorated and all comforts foreseen. We had an entirely enjoyable and needfully restful holiday.”

Ruth, Italy

“As for Kapinjala – it is spectacular, beautifully designed…an exquisite location with magnificent views. I would come back for the pool alone! The best we have ever used in a villa – an infinity pool which is big enough to clock up decent lengths. We will certainly recommend it to all our friends, especially the birdwatchers. With your manager to advise, help and organise, it is a perfect holiday venue. Thank you!”

John & Chris Beedle, UK

“I’ll use one word to sum up our stay at Kapinjala – Paradise! We loved it so much we have booked to spend two weeks of our honeymoon back at Kapinjala. I am counting the days!”

Sarah Woodley, UK

“Stunning…Kapinjala, a villa where you can leave your worries behind and just relax in perfect harmony. Truly fantastic.”

Richard Speck, UK

“The villa is superb, spotlessly clean, spacious and very comfortable; with everything laid on. Excellent pool, stunning views, with a short drive to a secluded beach”

Brian & Jeanie Cottam, UK

“Once again a perfect holiday in a perfect location! Kapinjala exceeds all expectations…a villa with everything you could wish for. The owners have done a wonderful job in providing a place where it is impossible not to feel relaxed the moment you cross the threshold. Thank you so much.”

Steve & Jill Wassell, UK

“This is our first visit to the Caribbean…surely it can’t all be this good! The house is stunning and the vistas indescribable… So much effort has gone into the selection of this stunning site and wonderful design. The attention to detail is breathtaking…. We’ve only been here for 7 days but can’t imagine adjusting to any other way of life. The people of this island are beautiful, laid back and completely charming… Sue and I have been fortunate to see much of this planet but we have never seen anything like Kapinjala.”

Andrew & Sue Wassell, UK

“Kapinjala is an absolutely stunning villa. The house is immaculate; the design ideal, the fixtures and fittings all decadent. No expense has been spared in the importing of high end plumbing fixtures and appliances. The view of Buccoo Reef over the infinity pool is truly stunning. Most evenings found us sipping cocktails in the Jacuzzi watching the sunset…brilliant.”

Douglas Morton, Canada

“Words cannot express the beauty of this home….it is so quiet and peaceful that, at times, Steve & I felt that we were the only people in the world! We have loved every minute of our stay at Kapinjala! Having had the privilege of visiting many beautiful properties in Tobago, this must be there at the top of the list. As I sit here on the verandah overlooking the Caribbean, I have to agree that this is ‘heaven on earth’"

Steve & Jill Wooler, UK

“Everything was perfect from start to finish…..I would definitely recommend this to everyone and will definitely be returning”

Emma Davis, UK

“From the moment we arrived we were completely captivated by the beauty and serenity of Kapinjala and its stunning is a magical place…to sit on the terrace and see the beautiful birds, pop in the pool, with a drink on the table, what more could we want except to come back again and again”

Steve & Jill Wassell, UK

Kapinjala is a large slice of Paradise - Caribbean Style